Services Provided

Choice Health Community Nursing

community nursing

In Disability Services, where you are involved in receiving personal support from Registered, Clinical and Community Nurses…

skill development of children with disabilities

High Intensity Daily Activities

Assisting with and/or supervising participants with high intensity needs requiring a high level of skill…

women providing support Coordination to boyfriend

Support Coordination

We assist you to understand, navigate your plan, and find the right provider based on your needs…

Disabled child plays happily with friends and teacher outdoors

behaviour support

An approach to behaviours that is focussed on improving the disability services

the best travel/transport assistance

Travel/transport assistance

We provide transport services for individuals or their loved under disability services

happy father with disability and mother sitting with children on bed with wheelchair on foreground

tenancy accommodation

We are able to assist you with your accommodation needs, Respite, SIL, STA & MDA…
little girl on wheelchair playing with dad and sibling

Personal /In-home Care

looking for disability services We assist you with personal care that suits your needs…

Happy disabled man playing with basketball

therapeutic support

We provide a range of Therapeutic Support to assist you under Disability services

Choice health assist life stage -transition

assist life stage -transition

In Disability Services, we provide assistance with short & long-term supports that focus on…

Cheerful disabled women in wheelchair

daily living skills

We assist with tasks so you can live a happy and fulfilling life…

Cool woman in a wheelchair with disability allowance

Plan Management

As your plan manager, we make the entire process of NDIS…

Happy excited young African-American disabled man in wheelchair pushed by running woman outstretching arms and feeling freedom

Interpretation Services

We provide a range of Interpretation and Translation Services…

Community Nursing

Where you are involved in receiving 24/7 individualised support from Registered, Clinical and Community Nurses. We have qualified registered and enrolled nurses to care for your health when you need help with in-home nursing. Our nurses can support you if you are sick for a certain period or on a more regular basis if required. You can rest easy knowing that our highly qualified nurses will provide services that will extend your independence without compromising on the quality of medical attention you receive. We provide the following nursing support on areas including and not limited to:

- Medication management and administration
- Nursing Assessments
- Continence Assessment
- Continence Management
- Holistic nursing assessments
- Stoma Care
- Participant/Carer education and training
- Hospital after-care
- Pain Management

Tenancy Accommodation Assistance

We are able to assist you with your accommodation needs, Respite, SIL, STA & MDA. Accommodation support can be provided for individuals with high care needs requiring one-to-one 24/7 support, through to shared-living arrangements (with no more than four per house). Our key strength and focus are providing all round and holistic person-centred care. Considering the wants, needs, and desires of the individual, our team endeavours to source the right home with the right roster of support staff and appropriate qualification. If you need accommodation for a holiday or need respite care for a period to give your loved ones and carers a break, we can assist you with your tenancy accommodation needs.

Plan Management

As your plan manager, we make the entire process of NDIS funds management easy and stress free for you and your carers, thereby ensuring all providers are paid on time. We provide the support and the confidence in making sure that all your invoices are processed and paid on time. Using technology and highly trained NDIS experts, we keep you updated on your budget, support and in complete control over your NDIS funding. You will receive regular statements, to keep full track of your spending. Our professionals support can take care of all bills, payments, leaving you stress free so that you can concentrate on other crucial areas of life and achieve your goals.

High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

Assisting with and /or supervising participants with high intensity needs requiring a high level of skill.
Do you want to access intensive care services to get some help at home? Our Intensive Home Care Services are designed to help participants, more complex cases with more complex care needs. If you need a coordinated approach to the delivery of your help at home, our services will come in handy. Patients may need specialised care in various specific situations. At CHWG, our experienced and specially trained intensive home care team provides specialised nursing services in WA especially Perth Northern and Southern suburbs to address your specific needs and conditions that can make a meaningful difference to your well-being. Our services include:

- Wound care and complex Wound Management,
- Diabetes Management
- Complex Bowel Care
Enteral ( Naso-Gastric Tube-Jejunum or Duodenum) Feeding and Management
- Tracheostomy Management
- Subcutaneous Injections

Personal Care/In-home Care

Our qualified support workers can assist you with personal care that suits your needs such as:

- Bathing, showering and dressing
- Help in preparing meal and mealtime support
- Shopping
- Cleaning
- Eating
- Laundry and ironing
- Gardening
- Feeding pets
- Deal with the mail
- Paying bills

Travel/Transport Assistance

We provide transport services for individuals or their loved ones to appointments, group & centre-based activities. Our qualified support workers can help you with your travels either using their own car or using public transport.
Our team can arrange transport for those that need to travel and are unable to do so themselves. We can arrange transport to enable you to visit loved ones, engage in the community, engage in social activities as well as drive you to education or any other activity. CHWG transport services include and not limited to:

- Transport to and from work
- School
- Shopping
- Appointments
- Leisure activities and more

Daily Living/Life Skills

We can help you to do tasks on your own, or with our assistance when needed, so you can live a happy and fulfilling life-a life you choose.
Our experienced staff will assist your Daily Living Skills such as activities in your home, at school, work or in the community. This will include and not limited to such activities as:

- Cooking
- Cleaning
- Using money
- Personal care
- Cooking
- Meal Plans
- Using public transport
- Cleaning
- Gardening
- Budgeting and more
- Exercising or getting around CHWG can support you with your Daily Living Skills

Behaviour Support

CHWG, Behaviour Support Practitioners use approaches to behaviour that are focussed on improving quality of life and reducing behaviours of concern.
At CHWG, we believe a multidisciplinary approach is important. Your NDIS Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner will work closely with your other service providers, such as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, for a holistic service focused on your personal needs.

Assist Life Stage - Transition

Assistance with short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening you, as the participant. We enhance your ability to coordinate your supports, and we assist you to live at home and participate in your community, Our services range include:

- Assisting in development of life skills
- Family counselling
- Overnight support
- Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages,
- Transition and supports

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinator can help you to understand, navigate your plan and find the right provider based on your needs.
It can be quite challenging to try and put your NDIS plan together especially if it is your first time. Our expert support coordinators can help you in taking the stress away and assist you in addressing the barriers, minimising the complexity of the support environment by tailoring the plan to match your goals at the same time helping you develop your skills and ability to manage your NDIS plan independently.


We provide a range of Interpretation and Translation Services for you.
This support is provided to the individuals with culturally and linguistically diverse backgound. If English Is your second language, you are eligible for this support.

Therapeutic Support

We provide a range of Therapeutic Supports to assist you achieve your goals including Ex Phys Pers Training.
We can assist you with:

- Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy
- Ex Phys Pers Training and Counselling

Finding and keeping a job

Having a job or volunteering helps to develop a socially valued role and a meaningful place in our community.
You can get a better sense of what is happening in your neighbourhood, build on your independence and feel that you are truly part of something. Finding paid employment for people with disability can be challenging but we know everyone has a skill or passion they can contribute to the workforce. With years of valuable experience and network, we can connect you to a wide range of employment options that match your interests, skills, and ambitions. Give us a chance to work with you to achieve your job goal.