Staff Portal


This Page contains useful information for staff training.

Choice Health and Wellbeing Group strives on building a capable and competent team in-order to provide excellent all-round support and services to our clients. To accomplish this, CHWG has an in-house training platform to ensure continued improvement, learning, up-skilling, and professional development for our team at all levels. 

CHWG upholds 6 core values which are; Honest & Transparency, Integrity, Compassion, Acceptance, Respect, and Excellence. To help encourage the development of our values and maintaining the practical application, all our staff undergo regular appraisal and any identified gap addressed appropriately. 

This e-learning platform offers a range of courses for Support Workers, Registered Nurses, and other professionals working with CHWG. 

The courses cover a wide range of topics which are matched with a specified staff member. This platform provides personalised learning paths, course recommendations, built-in assessments, and progress tracking features as well as training pre-requirements to help our staff to continue to be up to date. 

To facilitate compliance, CHWG tracks employee learning and development progress on time.

Are you a current CHWG staff member? Click here for access to your allocated training. Your login details were emailed to you. We acknowledge that employee availability varies, hence the 24-hour accessibility to the learning platform.

We would love for you to join us and learn together!