Job Vacancies

The people of Choice Health & Wellbeing Group are our most valuable asset, and we strive to create an attractive workplace environment through competitive salaries, diverse advantages, and various options for personal growth. 

Training and assistance are accessible on a regular basis to help you build and sharpen the knowledge and expertise essential for contributing to the team‘s success. Whatever point you are at in your career journey, we offer jobs to suit any stage of expertise and experience.

Are you invested in bettering the lives of persons coping with disabilities? Are you seeking a satisfying career where you can make a great difference? Look no more! at CHWG we are looking for noteworthy individuals such as yourself to join our staff.

CHWG is devoted to providing superior support and services which empowers individuals with disabilities to lead fuller lives. We believe that every person should have access to respect, dignity, and equal opportunities, and our goal is to make a positive difference in their daytoday lives. 

As a part of our team, you will be among passionate professionals in a supportive and collaborative environment. Diversity, creativity, and innovation is what we value, so work with us and you will be part of a culture that encourages personal and professional growth. When you become a member of our team, you will join us in our commitment towards excellence and making a genuine impact on the NDIS community. 

Your role consists of working directly with persons with disabilities, assisting them in acquiring their objectives, boosting their autonomy, and nourishing their overall wellbeing. You will be their upholds, guaranteeing they can obtain the services and resources they require to prosper. Your work will be meaningful, gratifying, and inspiring on a personal level. 

If increasing positive change is something you are passionate about, do not hesitate to join us at CHWG. Together we can create a more accepted and supportive society for individuals with disabilities.