Choice Staffing Agency

Choice Health & Wellbeing Group are dedicated to providing aid to a plethora of industries. These include:


Disability Support Providers


Residential Aged Care Facilities


CHWG understands how critical it is to have a significant supply of healthcare workers in an industry which often experiences staff shortages. We make it a priority to cultivate a large number of highly-trained medical personnel, so that we are ready to help with requirements as they arise. We have taken steps to carefully select and recruit competent experts to constantly bolster our network within the Healthcare industry.


CHWG is well-aware that the representatives of your business bring it to life – and so they must possess the perfect mix of charisma and temperament. We have a deep understanding of what this line of work requires from its labourers, which makes us especially capable of hiring those who can take on even the toughest of challenges within hospitality. We offer a vast array of recruitment services focused on the hospitality sector.